Celtic Lakes Power – Pre Application Consultation

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The proposed development comprises a National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED) 132 / 33 / 11 kV substation and associated infrastructure including access, landscaping and drainage (including expansion works to an existing attenuation basin). In summary, the proposed substation compound will comprise the following:

  • A flat area of hardstanding approximately 70m x 100m elevated on made ground above the prevailing ground level and flood plain by a maximum of 1.5m
  • A substation compound encircled by a 3.6m high steel palisade security fence.
  • A single brick-built switchgear building measuring 40m x 6m with a Plastisol coated sheet steel apex roof up to 4.6m in height.
  • Various items of outdoor electrical equipment including wires, gantries and transformers up to approximately 6m in height.

The development is proposed on land located to the south-east of Imperial Park, Coedkernew, Newport. The site is undeveloped, greenfield land and is bound by Dyffryn Lane and greenfield land to the north; greenfield land and residential dwellings to the east; Dyffryn Lane and greenfield land to the west; and grassland, reens and field ditches to the south.


Benefits of the Proposal

The proposed development will provide essential electrical infrastructure to meet the local power supply needs associated with the employment and industrial uses within Imperial Business Park. Whilst there is adequate power supply to serve the existing operational development, due to the increasing number of consented developments coming forward in the surrounding area, an increased power supply is required. The proposed electrical infrastructure will also support growth and allow developments to come forward within the allocated Duffryn Employment Area (allocated within the Newport Local Development for 38.5ha of B1, B2 and B8 uses).


We would invite you to email us with your views at consultation@burroughs.co.uk

We would welcome your comments on our proposals by 30/08/2023.

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