Burroughs is a trusted authority in energy and utilities, applying our extensive experience and forward-thinking approach to deliver innovative solutions in this dynamic sector.

With a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technologies, we empower our clients to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of energy and utilities with confidence. Our energy and utilities team offers comprehensive support across all project stages, from initial inception and costing to development, planning, management, and design. Drawing on our diverse skill set, we guide clients towards sustainable pathways and low-carbon engineering solutions, ensuring practical outcomes that add real value for developers, statutory authorities, investors, and asset owners.

Recognising the influential role of utilities in project development, we work collaboratively with utility providers to develop solutions that integrate with their plans, whether it involves diversions, enhancements, or integration into existing networks.

Burroughs has been at the forefront of renewable energy innovation for years, contributing to the development and implementation of various renewable energy projects across the UK and Wales. Our expertise encompasses a range of renewable energy projects, including solar, hydropower, anaerobic digesters, and energy-from-waste initiatives as well as battery energy storage systems to enhance grid stability.  Our solutions maximise energy generation efficiency while minimising environmental impact, ensuring sustainable energy production solutions for our clients.

At Burroughs, we understand the critical importance of maintaining robust and future-proofed grids and utility networks for the UK and Wales. By engaging with the supply chain and contributing at the highest levels of government, we actively shape future strategies and policies to ensure sustainable energy solutions regionally and nationally. With our comprehensive expertise in renewable energy technologies, Burroughs is well-equipped to address the energy challenges of today and tomorrow, contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for generations to come.