Burroughs has a wealth of experience in the Education sector, encompassing both new build and redevelopment projects for schools, colleges, and universities.

Recognising the unique challenges of the Education sector, we plan and implement our work around facility centric and site-specific constraint mitigation plans and programmes. Our designs prioritise the well-being of students and staff, minimising disruptions to the learning environment and accommodating the needs of all users including vulnerable students and students with additional learning needs.

We have a proven track record as structural, civil, and drainage engineers, in the primary and higher education sectors encompassing SEN and University developments. We provide comprehensive engineering services that are tailored to the unique needs of each project.

Burroughs is dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that align with the evolving needs of the Education sector. We work collaboratively with school leaders and local communities, taking the time to understand their priorities and concerns. Our commitment ensures that our designs reflect the values and aspirations of each educational institution, no matter the level of education.

With a focus on holistic and inclusive designs, we create environments that inspire learning, encourage growth, and support the well-being of students and educators alike.