Burroughs excels in Urban Design and Placemaking, working closely with our extensive supply chain of landscape architects and urban designers to craft vibrant and inviting spaces that enhance the quality of life for communities while promoting economic prosperity and public realm improvement and regeneration.

Our team of skilled civil, drainage, and structural engineers collaborate closely with partners to integrate architectural, landscaping, lighting, ecological, and planning expertise seamlessly into our design development to ensure maximum scheme benefits. By applying our collective knowledge and experience, we ensure that each project understands the above and below ground engineering and environmental constraints whilst embodying the unique character and identity of the surroundings.

Key to the success of our projects is our early and continued engagement with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, ensuring inclusivity and alignment with community needs and aspirations.

In line with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales), Burroughs integrates the principles of sustainability, health, and wellbeing into our Urban Design and Placemaking. We work closely with our landscape architect partners to integrate sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and biodiversity features that support air quality resilience and enhance environmental sustainability. With our holistic approach to Urban Design and Placemaking, Burroughs develops cost-effective, sustainable and deliverable designs that help to transform public spaces into vibrant, connected, and successful environments that enrich the lives of both residents and visitors.