Burroughs excels in Project and Cost Management, bringing a wealth of experience to ensure the success of every project and a collaborative outlook. With a unique edge as both Cost Managers and Engineers, we focus on developing clear project goals aligned with client objectives. Our approach combines proven technical skills, established management processes, and innovative strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

We prioritise open communication, emphasising the critical factors of budget planning, project risk management, programme control, and procurement strategy selection for project success. We place definition of value at the heart of our projects, ensuring the outcomes are successful and add value for our clients.

Our proactive Cost Managers provide contemporary cost advice at all project stages, ensuring confidence in budget control. We are experienced in various procurement approaches, whether collaborative or traditional and offer meticulous post-contract phase services to guarantee accurate cost projections and financial statements.

We offer specialised project monitoring services to funding institutions and private individuals, designed to meet their unique due diligence and risk control requirements.