Bro Tathan East


Burroughs was appointed as drainage consultant, highways consultant and Project Manager for the redevelopment of Bro Tathan East, spanning approximately 52 hectares. This extensive site offers opportunities for large-scale inward investment and the client is seeking a development of national significance.

Bro Tathan East, situated within the former RAF base at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan, is aiming to secure outline planning permission for future development. As part of our role, Burroughs supported the application process across a number of disciplines including working with Vale of Glamorgan Highways Authority to develop two potential highway access options for consideration by future developers.

Burroughs worked alongside other consultants to define the minimum and maximum parameters, allowing flexibility for future development within the site. As part of our commission, we have undertaken a pre-SAB (Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Approval Body) application, marking the initial step in addressing the drainage requirements of the site.

A substantial component of our drainage focus centred on foul drainage. Our comprehensive approach, from addressing storm and surface water discharge locations to validating the resulting spare capacity, underscores our commitment to delivering efficient and sustainable drainage solutions, aligning with Bro Tathan East’s long-term growth objectives.

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