Bristol Airport Multi-Storey Car Park


Burroughs, as Designers for Principal Contractor Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd, undertook the civil engineering design for the new multi-storey car park at Bristol International Airport. AGCL are in a Joint Venture on the scheme with Farrans. The £60 million capital project will enhance services and accessibility for airport customers. As well as an additional multi-storey car park within the airport estate, the new structure and associated infrastructure includes as a new public transportation interchange hub, a glazed bridge link, waiting areas, rest facilities, and an expanded drop-off/pick-up zone.

As part of Bristol Airport’s comprehensive development plan, Burroughs were appointed to deliver the civil engineering design aspects crucial to the project’s success. This includes the planning and design of drainage systems, highways, external parking spaces, retaining walls (essential due to the ground profile), and all associated external works and footpaths. The multi-storey car park, a central component of the project, will feature a public transport interchange hub on its top level, doubling the bus/coach bays and positioning Bristol Airport as a regional interchange.

Burroughs’ involvement extends to addressing specific challenges, such as managing ground level disparities, and maximising limited site space. In response to client requirements and planning constraints, Burroughs collaborated closely with Bristol Airport during the early contractor involvement (ECI) period, offering multiple design options.

Burroughs’ expertise also addressed drainage challenges, conducting extensive ground investigation to inform design decisions. Working adjacent to an operational airport required meticulous planning, and Burroughs designed precast retaining wall units compatible with small cranes, ensuring compliance with CAA requirements, enhancing safety and minimising disruption.

The Bristol Airport project is an excellent example of Burroughs’ commitment to delivering technically sound, efficient, and cost-effective engineering solutions, contributing to the airport’s growth, operational excellence, and commitment to sustainable development.

Burroughs have been engaged on the scheme since 2021, with works commencing on site in 2023.

Client / Project TEam

Bristol Airport / Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd