Burroughs has a proven track record of delivering mission-critical Technology and Data projects across the United Kingdom. From hyper-scale data centres to AI capacity facilities and related infrastructure, we understand the importance of maintaining 24/7, 365-day data services in this highly competitive sector.

Drawing on our extensive experience in project management, as well as civil and structural engineering, we have successfully managed complex data centre projects, implementing initiatives that make a positive impact.

Data centre developments present a myriad of challenges, from energy infrastructure connectivity and capacity, to speed to market and regulatory compliance. Burroughs excel in navigating these constraints, whilst leveraging strong stakeholder relationships, cutting edge market knowledge, our strategic geographical location and skilled workforce to capitalise on the wealth of opportunities. Applying our multidisciplinary expertise, alongside transferable related security conscious industry experience such as aviation, adds value for our clients.

As a rapidly growing market with increased adoption throughout the UK and wider European Economic zone, data centres demand expertise and innovation from Engineers. Burroughs has positioned itself at the forefront of the collaborative design process, working with other key disciplines such as MEP Engineers, Architects, Planners and Ecologists to develop coordinated and interdisciplinary solutions. Adopting new digital technologies and streamlining the process of design and production has ensured that we maintain quality for clients.

Efficient space utilisation and minimising environmental impacts are integral to our solutioneering process. By leveraging our design inputs, against the opportunities to innovate, we have provided site wide tests fits, developed structural engineering appraisals and delivered coordinated and detailed design outputs. We have evaluated sites for retrofit enhancements and provided third party technical advisory due diligence services to clients.