Burroughs is a renowned leader in the water infrastructure and natural resources sector. We offer extensive expertise and forward-thinking solutions to potable water supply, foul drainage and treatment and sustainable water management solutions that address environmental challenges while meeting the diverse needs of our clients and communities.

Committed to sustainability, we prioritise responsible water resource management and the preservation of natural ecosystems. Our dedicated Water and Natural Resources team is involved in every aspect of water scheme development, providing comprehensive design and advisory services that span the entire industry spectrum.

From inception and costing to planning, management, and design, we ensure that each project incorporates sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to manage surface water effectively, prioritising natural treatment processes to improve water quality and mitigate downstream flood risk, aligning with greenfield characteristics as much as practically possible.

Our service offering covers potable water infrastructure development, maintenance and repair, the design and maintenance of foul sewer networks and general Water Authority asset protection and security. Burroughs is actively involved in developing programmes to help Water Authorities maintain and repair existing water networks which are helping contribute to national water quality improvement and leakage reduction.

Burroughs understand the importance of early incorporation of drainage solutions into site design to enable optimised land use, achieve SAB compliance and enhance amenity for end users. We emphasise the holistic integration of SuDS with landscape architecture proposals to provide regenerative biodiversity benefits and help combat the climate emergency. Our expertise in green/blue solutions enables us to overcome river water quality issues by implementing sustainable water management practices.

With a focus on sustainable and innovative solutions, Burroughs is dedicated to shaping a more resilient and environmentally conscious water and natural resources sector.