Crosby and Glen Vine Sewage Treatment Works


Burroughs was commissioned to undertake the detailed design for the Crosby and Glen Vine Sewage Treatment Works, a project spanning two unique sites with their own set of challenges and opportunities for environmental improvement.

These aging facilities required significant upgrades to meet stricter discharge standards mandated by the Department of Environment, Food, and Agriculture. To ensure a seamless transition, construction of the new facility at one site had to occur while the existing plant at the other remained fully operational.

Glen Vine, the older site, featured an existing pumping station, while space limitations prompted the introduction of a new Intermittently Rotating Biological Contactor (iRBC) system in Crosby. This addition aimed to address persistent water quality issues and pave the way for a more environmentally sustainable future. The project primarily targeted ammonia level compliance and capacity enhancements to accommodate projected population growth and address flooding issues during rainfall events.

Burroughs’ key project components involved securing planning permissions, crafting a comprehensive 3D outline design, preparing tender documents, and implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) for tender purposes. The design process carefully considered site access constraints, the necessity for in-situ cast concrete structures, and the intricate logistics of crane operations.

The Crosby and Glen Vine Sewage Treatment Works project serves as a testament to Burroughs’ ability to address complex environmental challenges while delivering innovative solutions that benefit both the community and the environment.

Client / Project TEam

Manx Utility Authority