Coleg Gwent, Usk Farm


Burrough were the civil consulting engineer and project manager for the redevelopment of the main farming centre, ensuring that environmental compliances were secured, whilst also enabling the gradual planned expansion and upgrade of the teaching facility.

Usk Farm is a fully operational farming facility set in Coleg Gwent’s 296 acre estate and is home to a herd of 200 dairy cows, 250 sheep and a range of other animals. In addition to being a fully operational farm, the farm is also utilised as a teaching facility to allow students of the college to gain hands on agriculture, livestock and countryside management experience.

To ensure Usk Farm is within the standards set within the Regulations, significant upgrading and remediation of the existing surface water and combined sewer drainage network was required. The project was split into two phases, Phase One being the surface water network and Phase Two being the combined sewer network. Both phases were designed, planned and executed within a live operational environment.

In accordance with the Regulations and to ensure best farming practice, construction works for Phase One included installation of new manholes, gutter systems and downpipe connections and construction of a new outfall headwall into the Berthin Brooke.

Phase Two construction includes the construction of new combined sewers and installation of a slurry tank including foundations and connections into the sewer network. Burroughs role in the project was Civil Engineer, Project and Cost Manager.

Client / Project TEam

Coleg Gwent