Bro Tathan East Demolition


The Bro Tathan East Demolition project is one of the most extensive demolition projects in Wales at present. A complex undertaking, it entails the dismantling of MoD buildings and associated slabs and roads in preparation for the new development. Burroughs assumed a central role in orchestrating the meticulous planning and execution of this project.

Our scope encompassed overseeing a team of consultants to pull together a comprehensive demolition plan incorporating temporary works, including haul roads, and the strategic implementation of major earthworks cut and fill operations to provide a level site and drainage diversions. Moreover, the project requires the clearance of unexploded ordnance, R&D surveys, and the coordination of utility isolations – all of which are being procured by Burroughs.

Additionally, we are responsible for all essential surveys including historic building recording, developing tender packages, and administering the contract to ensure adherence to project specifications and timelines.

Client / Project TEam

Welsh Government