Stephenson Street Flood Defence Scheme


The Stephenson Street Flood Defence Scheme will safeguard over 2,000 homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure in Liswerry from the risks of River Usk flooding during adverse weather conditions, including heavy rainfall and high tides.

The project’s comprehensive scope involved various measures including a new sheet pile flood wall and embankment, and the construction of a 0.7km-long flood relief road connecting East Bank Road and Corporation Road. Additionally, reinforced concrete flood walls were designed for strategic locations within the Felnex Industrial Estate, near Pye Corner, and at Nash. The project also included the design of a flood gate for the Corporation Road railway overbridge, the implementation of non-return tidal flap valves, and enhancements to culverts on the Network Rail embankment.

Burroughs played a pivotal role in the project, working in collaboration with the Principal Contractor on behalf of Natural Resources Wales (NRW). Our involvement included the design of all temporary works, condition surveys, ground investigations (GI), access solutions, and utility protection works. In addition, Burroughs undertook crucial contractor designed elements including the creation of specialised FRP access platforms, ensuring convenient access for adjacent property owners over the flood walls, and flood wall connections to adjacent buildings including Newport City Dogs Home.

This project is an excellent example of Burroughs’ ability to manage designs in complex sites, coordinating with existing users, addressing environmental considerations, and delivering a comprehensive suite of design solutions to ensure the success of the flood defence scheme.

Client / Project TEam

Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd / Natural Resource Wales