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Burroughs 35 Years of Quality Logo

At Burroughs, Apprenticeship Week is a testament to our unwavering commitment to cultivating talent and investing in the next generation of skilled professionals. Through a series of videos, we spotlight the journeys of our apprentices, highlighting their experiences, successes, and the invaluable contributions they make to our team. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of apprenticeship and the boundless opportunities it brings at Burroughs.


Meet Cory Myers, an Engineering Technician at Burroughs.

He kickstarted his career at Burroughs as an Apprentice through the Welsh Apprenticeship Alliance Scheme and has gone on to pursue a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, thanks to the continuous support from Burroughs.

Check out Cory’s inspiring story in the video!


Rhys knew Burroughs was the right fit from day one, where the team’s clear communication and commitment to values made him feel part of the Burroughs family.

Our commitment goes beyond filling a role; we’re here to nurture skills and understanding, helping Rhys achieve his goal of designing sustainable projects.

As an Apprentice CAD Technician, Rhys takes pride in the digital delivery of civil engineer’s designs, scaling them to the high Burroughs standard. His confidence grows with each project, and his expanding knowledge of the industry is turning dreams into reality.


Meet Safiyyah, our outstanding Business Administrative Apprentice at Burroughs. Her journey is a testament to the incredible opportunities our apprenticeship scheme provides.

From client interactions to training in accounting and finance. Safiyyah embodies the versatility of a Burroughs apprentice. We’re proud to nurture talent, offering support in education and accommodating University schedules.


As a leading civil engineering company, we’re enthusiastic about nurturing talent and empowering the next generation of industry leaders.

Sam, one of our exceptional Project and Cost Managers, shares his journey through Burroughs, highlighting the invaluable experience he gained from our apprenticeship scheme.