Successful Fundraising at the Burroughs bigmoose Charity Football Tournament 2023


The 23rd of June 2023 witnessed an inspiring display of community spirit and sportsmanship at the Burroughs bigmoose Charity Football Tournament 2023. The event, organised to support bigmoose, brought together teams and supporters for a day of friendly competition and charitable giving.

A highlight of the event was the remarkable fundraising efforts, with a total of £2,384.15 raised for bigmoose throughout the day. The generosity of participants, sponsors, and donors contributed to this significant achievement, with funds continuing to pour in even after the event concluded.

The event drew an impressive turnout, with teams and spectators alike coming together to enjoy a day of competitive football. The enthusiastic participation demonstrated the community’s commitment to supporting charitable initiatives and giving back to those in need.

As the tournament concluded, teams celebrated their achievements with Burroughs emerging victorious once again, claiming the first-place title. AGCL secured the second-place position, showcasing their talent and sportsmanship on the field.


Sam Ford has recently graduated with a First Class Degree in BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management from the University of South Wales, marking a significant milestone in their academic and professional journey.
Burroughs proudly announces the achievement of Lydia Morris, CEng MICE, who has successfully attained the prestigious status of Chartered Civil Engineer.
The 14th of April 2024 marked a day of triumph and camaraderie as participants from all walks of life came together to take part in the bigmoose Ultra Fun Run 2024. The event, known for its vibrant atmosphere and spirit of community, saw individuals from various backgrounds gather to celebrate health, fitness, and charitable giving.