Burroughs Celebrates Recognition at CECA Midlands Awards


Burroughs, a leading engineering and design firm, was honoured to participate as special guests of Griffiths Contractors Ltd at the prestigious Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Midlands award ceremony on September 14th.

At the event, Burroughs proudly showcased their contribution to the remarkable Pershore Northern Link Road project, a collaborative endeavour undertaken in partnership with Griffiths Contractors Ltd for Worcestershire County Council. The project was nominated in the highly competitive “Schemes over £3 million” category.

“The Pershore Northern Link Road project exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and transformative infrastructure solutions,” said Piers Burroughs, Managing Director of Burroughs. “This project not only improves traffic flow through Pershore but also enhances connectivity, creates new job opportunities, and promotes sustainable transportation options. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication to excellence.”

The Burroughs Pershore NorthernLink Road project introduced a new road-over-rail bridge that significantly improves traffic flow through Pershore, alleviating congestion near Pershore High School and Pershore Railway Station.

Furthermore, the link road enhances connectivity to the Pershore Business Park, fostering opportunities for local businesses and job creation. The bridge extension includes the Wyre Road Active Travel route, accommodating pedestrians and cyclists, while also offering a safer alternative to the existing at-grade Public Right of Way crossing the bustling rail line.

We are thrilled to announce that the project is now completed and fully operational, making a substantial impact on Pershore’s traffic and congestion, while also encouraging sustainable transportation options such as walking and cycling to the business park.

With stiff competition, including some HS2 schemes, the Pershore Northern Link Road did not secure the award, but the experience was invaluable in showcasing the vibrant construction activity within the Midlands region.

Burroughs remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that positively impact communities and infrastructure. The recognition at the CECA Midlands awards ceremony underscores our dedication to excellence and our ongoing contribution to regional development.


The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) has presented Burroughs with the Bronze award, recognising the company’s dedication to support the armed forces community.
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