Isle of Man Airport - Pavement Refurbishment


Burroughs is engaged as a key consultant to support the ongoing maintenance and development of the Isle of Man Airport. This specific project aimed to resurface a cross runway (secondary runway) and approximately 1km of the Alpha taxiway, a crucial route.

The scope encompassed resurfacing, lining, road markings, and aeronautical ground lighting, all adhering to CAP168 standards. Importantly, during the project, the standards transitioned to EASA, allowing the airport to accommodate European carriers, enhancing its passenger services.

The project also included feasibility pavement assessments to evaluate the existing taxiway condition, identifying areas requiring rehabilitation, and integrating these activities with the airport’s live operations. Additionally, drainage improvements were integrated into the design to ensure efficient functionality.

This project showcases Burroughs’ expertise in efficiently managing complex airport projects, overcoming challenges, and delivering sustainable, high-quality solutions to enhance airport infrastructure and operations.

Client / Project TEam

Isle of Man Airport