Isle of Man Airport Drainage


Burroughs, in collaboration with Isle of Man (IoM) Airport, tackled a critical project aimed at securing the airport against floods for the next century. Supporting the client to produce a business case for Government Funding to create a flood resilient airport for the next 100 years, we assessed of the existing drainage network and evaluated the capacity and capability of the system to cope with future demands.

Burroughs’ scope of work included accurately mapping the existing drainage network – a complex arrangement which had been modified and adapted over the years – and modelling it to understand how it would perform under different conditions. Our responsibilities also encompassed project management and ongoing client support to ensure a resilient and effective solution to safeguard airport operations.

This project showcases Burroughs’ ability to tackle intricate challenges head-on and deliver effective solutions. From understanding the complexities of an historic drainage system to crafting a flood-resilient future for Isle of Man Airport, our team demonstrated technical proficiency, project management ability, and effective collaboration with the client.

Client / Project TEam

Isle of Man Airport