King Gaming Campus


Burroughs was appointed to undertake the civil engineering and structural design of the new King Gaming Campus, a significant investment on the Isle of Man.

The project, located on the former Cunningham’s Camp site, encompassed the design and construction of a call centre housed within a four-story glass façade commercial building including collaborative working spaces, an internal Asian cuisine restaurant, a commercial kitchen, a spa, and an office. Additionally, Burroughs integrated 66 staff accommodation units for training young individuals from the Philippines from deprived backgrounds, aiming to equip them with enhanced language and technical skills before returning to their home country.

Our role extended to designing a complex drainage system to address specific challenges, including grease management, a 5m-deep connection to the public sewer and measures to prevent potential flooding scenarios identified as significant concerns through the planning stage.

This project is an excellent example of Burroughs’ ability to seamlessly integrate innovative design solutions with a dynamic project scope, ensuring successful outcomes in the face of evolving challenges. From navigating intricate changes, such as doubling the basement size and designing a sub-level spa, to proactively addressing environmental concerns and securing planning approvals, Burroughs demonstrated adaptability, resilience, and expertise.

Our commitment to sustainable practices, evidenced by the meticulous design of drainage systems and environmental enhancements, aligns with the broader vision of transforming a brownfield site into a thriving, multi functional space. The King Gaming Campus stands as a testament to Burroughs’ holistic approach, combining technical proficiency, client collaboration, and a dedication to creating enduring, positive impacts on both the built environment and the community it serves.

Client / Project TEam

Jade Tree Limited