Southend Airport Surface Water Drainage


Burroughs undertook a comprehensive drainage upgrade project at Southend Airport to accommodate a change of use application for the SENA warehouse, a critical facility for Amazon products.

The technical shift in occupancy demanded an overhaul of the existing drainage, including new attenuation structures adjacent to the environmentally sensitive Brook and Estuary SSSI. Our additional task involved optimising aircraft routes within confined areas, requiring meticulous swept path analysis and safety boundary assessments to ensure operational efficiency.

This project is an excellent example of Burroughs’ ability to navigate complex challenges, showcasing our expertise in drainage design and problem-solving. By proactively addressing deficiencies in the pollution control system, exploring automated solutions, and optimising drainage designs for both efficiency and environmental protection, Burroughs demonstrated a commitment to practical, client-centric solutions.

The successful collaboration with the local planning authority, cost-saving measures, and ongoing client relationships underscore our ability to deliver innovative and sustainable outcomes for projects, further solidifying our reputation for excellence in the field.

Client / Project TEam

London Southend Airport