Upstream Losses Programme, AMP 7


Burroughs plays a pivotal role in DCWW’s Upstream Losses Programme, part of the AMP7 Asset Management Period. The programme aims to reduce water leakage by 15%, with a targeted reduction of 26 ML/d. Recognising the need for external expertise, DCWW engaged Burroughs in collaboration with Envolve, the Principal Contractor.

Our scope involves conducting weekly site visits to assess between 6 to 10 discrete pre-selected locations throughout the entire network, which could range from known mains bursts to identified leaks. Following these visits, Burroughs adheres to a high intensity turnaround to produce comprehensive design packages for each site. These packages incorporate Works Information, CDM-compliant Health & Safety Workbooks, land entry requisites, and comprehensive utility packs.

Our responsibilities extend to conducting thorough utility searches and liaising with DCWW’s Estates Team to secure access to private land when necessary. The projects span South, Mid & West Wales, with a natural centralisation around highly populated areas such as Cardiff, Newport and Gwent.

This project underscores Burroughs’ commitment to supporting DCWW in their ambitious AMP7 initiative to significantly reduce water leakage and enhance the efficiency of their network.

Client / Project TEam

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water