Burroughs Celebrate Success at the bigmoose Ultra Fun Run 2024


The 14th of April 2024 marked a day of triumph and camaraderie as participants from all walks of life came together to take part in the bigmoose Ultra Fun Run 2024. The event, known for its vibrant atmosphere and spirit of community, saw individuals from various backgrounds gather to celebrate health, fitness, and charitable giving.

Among the participants were Shane Lee, Neil Williams, Ryan James, Selom Nyadedzor, Sol Ashley, Elise Curtis, Lydia Morris, and Daniel Brooks, who embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and determination. Their participation exemplified the spirit of the event, showcasing resilience and a commitment to personal achievement.

The bigmoose Ultra Fun Run 2024 offered participants a well-organised and enjoyable experience, with a route designed to challenge and inspire. The event’s festive atmosphere, combined with the support of volunteers and spectators, created an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Thank you to Alistair and Piers Burroughs for their continued support.


Slight change to tradition for St Davids Day, Burroughs staff attended a Murder Mystery Evening, run by Murder by Design who have featured on Netflix.
The 23rd of June 2023 witnessed an inspiring display of community spirit and sportsmanship at the Burroughs bigmoose Charity Football Tournament 2023. The event, organised to support bigmoose, brought together teams and supporters for a day of friendly competition and charitable giving.
To help raise awareness regarding suicide prevention and supporting our chosen charity bigmoose, four of our engineers took up the challenge of lifting an 84lb sandbag 84 times EACH! Saturday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day