Burroughs held its first Charity Football Tournament


Friday night Burroughs held its first Charity Football Tournament.  It was a fantastic evening, with a dozen Teams and their supporters attending the event.

We had a raffle with some great prizes won and donated. Prizes included multiple signed football and rugby shirts, restaurant vouchers from local businesses, bottles of whiskey, a signed football, to name a few.

And to top it all off we had a lot of fun!!

So far, the total funds raised from the day is £2,117.39 with some money still coming in.

The huge thank you goes to those involved in organising, everyone who donated raffle prizes, and most importantly to everyone that took part!!

Burroughs are definitely going to look into making this an annual event and we are already looking to forward to next year!

Thank you again to everyone for the enormous amount of support offered to Burroughs and bigmoose.


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