Cotswold Airport Office and Labs


In May 2021, Burroughs partnered with ZeroAvia to develop office facilities adjacent to their new hangar at Cotswold Airport near Kemble. The initial scope involved the creation of a facility to accommodate the Client’s growing team, which eventually expanded to 80 individuals.

The challenge was to deliver an efficient, sustainable, and adaptable workspace within a demanding timeline while ensuring that the airport and the client’s business activities remained operational throughout the process. Our involvement in this project extended to an array of services, including project inception, site surveys, cost planning, design assessments, and Principal Designer responsibilities.

Our scope of work included the foundation design, integration of new services, connection to the existing foul sewer system, water and electric connections, and addressing communication needs.

The project’s accelerated timeline was a substantial challenge, prompting our adoption of modular construction techniques. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the site, we conducted vital surveys, including Ground Investigation (GI), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and topographical surveys. We also ensured that our crane operations adhered to the Civil Aviation Publication CAP 1096, governing the use of cranes on airfields, to guarantee works were managed safely and did not cause interference with the airport’s operations.

The project involved the installation of 16 modular units, necessitating groundworks comprising of pad foundations, service connections and external works. The office accommodations were designed to be adaptable for future expansion, reflecting the client’s dynamic requirements. Modular accommodation was the chosen approach, and we engaged in direct negotiations with a contractor, collaboratively developing a scheme that satisfied the client’s vision, which was formalised through a comprehensive contract. A pivotal moment occurred during a factory visit before the units were ordered, where we optimised the layout of the modular units to save time during on-site installation. Notably, a canopy and a ramp were introduced to enhance accessibility and comply with building control requirements.

The project is not only a testament to our ability to deliver in a rapidly changing environment but also to our versatility and adaptability. It has paved the way for additional workstreams with this client and serves as an example of our commitment to delivering value in a volatile market. The project facilitated the relocation of staff to the desired timescales set out by the client – a key achievement.

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