Gloucestershire Airport Safety Project


Gloucestershire Airport recognised that existing obstacles and physical constraints were impacting on the Airport safety. Working with the Civil Aviation Authority the Airport conceived a project to remove those obstacles and increase the Runway End Safety Areas (RESA).

Burroughs’ role was Civil and Structural Engineering Designer, Project Manager and Cost Manager, coordinating the efforts of the Design Team and Principal Contractor.

A modest extension to the runway pavement was constructed, which in combination with the safety led changes to the obstacle environment and RESA, created operational improvements to the declared distances.

In addition to these works, diversions of an existing footpath and an existing watercourse through a new culvert were required, as well as the creation of a new highway access removing the existing access road from the runway strip, all without compromising Airport Operations. The Project was completed with professionalism, in a timely manner, within budget and taking proper account of the environmental and statutory obligations.

Client / Project TEam

Gloucestershire Airport