Bro Tathan Utilities


Burroughs was appointed as Project and Cost Management consultant, as well as the Civil Engineering designer, for the Bro Tathan Utilities project, an essential enabler for Bro Tathan’s development across various zones.

The scope of work included diverting all utilities including water, gas and electricity supplies, away from the proposed footprints of the new buildings as well as upgrading aging utilities and ducts across the site.

As part of the project’s forward-thinking approach, Burroughs meticulously crafted tender documents and contracts in collaboration with Welsh Government’s legal team, apportioning risk to the party best placed to manage it.

We liaised with NGED and DCWW to develop a strategy for moving away from the historic private networks and introducing a new water and electric network that would be adopted by the respective statutory authorities. This will reduce maintenance requirements, improve energy efficiency and create capacity in the networks for future development.

Client / Project TEam

Welsh Government