Thatcham Research, Gamston Airport


Thatcham Research appointed Burroughs in October 2021 to convert Gamston Airport into a dual-use facility for general aviation and EURO NCAP vehicle testing, accommodating activities such as vehicle braking distance tests and autonomous vehicle testing, including lane assist.

Our scope included redesigning the aerodrome, shifting the runway, relocating airfield ground lighting (AGL), creating a new test junction, resurfacing the peritrack, and designing and procuring a helipad. Additionally, we designed newly aligned and widened taxiways, creating additional aircraft parking with cell pave technology, installing new signage, and implementing a traffic light system to safely manage vehicle movements on site.

Adhering to the CAP791 CAA procedure for changes to aerodrome infrastructure, overcoming landownership issues, existing aviation activities, and planning constraints were crucial aspects. This project is an excellent example of Burroughs’ ability to navigate intricate challenges in both aviation environments and civil engineering. Our meticulous project management, evidenced by a well-executed phased procurement strategy and adherence to stringent timelines, further reinforces Burroughs’ reputation for delivering high-quality, on-time, and within-budget projects in the aviation and civil engineering sector.

Client / Project TEam

Thatcham Research / Gamston Aviation Limited / Thomas Bow / Precision ATM